Curós offers natural, top quality pork, beef cattle and sheep casings in a wide range of calibres for the manufacturing of multiple fresh, cured or boiled cold meats.

Natural casings bring maximum quality and traditional taste to cold meat products.

Our long history and experience allow us to control the whole production process: starting from a sanitary control of the casings in compliance with prevailing regulations, followed by handling and later finishing in our industrial facilities.

We own a transformation plant (with tolling agreements provided) where we process and handle a large proportion of the natural casings we deliver to our clients. Our production process allows us to meet each order’s specifications and requirements in a short period of time, as well as to offer our finished goods from our industrial facilities to any destination.

Because of their characteristics, natural casings offer several benefits for both the production process and the finished goods:

  • Artisan feel and looks
  • Permeability to steam, gases and smoke
  • More elasticity during the filling process
  • Natural protection
  • Edibility
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Because of their strength, which sheep casings lack, pork casings are used for cold meats with wider calibres.

Pork casings are, as a matter of fact, well-known products in the national market for the manufacturing of typically Spanish products such as fresh or cured chorizo, Catalan sausage, Aragonese sausage, Criole chorizo, among others. In addition, pork casings are used in the manufacture of other renowned products such as Bratwurst, Weisswurst, Pepperoni or Kielbasa, among others.



  • SKEIN: Standard 90-metre-long format, salty or in brine. Optional adjustment to meet the clients’ needs.
  • PIPED: Standard 90-metre-long format in a flexible tube. Optional adjustment to meet the clients’ needs.


  • BLIND-GUTS: salty units presented in nets.
  • SEMI-CURLED IN SKEINS OR UNITS: in 9-metre long skeins or cut salty pieces.



Characterized by their wide calibre, perfect for raw, boiled or blanched high-quality cold meats.

These casings are used for the manufacture of vegetable black pudding, Vela Chorizo, Sarta Chorizo, Sweet Canarian Black Pudding, Imperial Murcia, Imperial Bolaños, Rondeña Black Pudding, Extremaduran Black Pudding, black and white Catalan Sausage, among others.

Flat or Roscal casings are also used in 9-metre skeins for Burgos Black Pudding, while Ciegos de Buey (blind gut of the ox) are used for the manufacture of Cure Pork Tenderloin, Saucisson or Huelva Black Pudding. 5mm calibre from 45/50 up to 65/+.


ORILLA CASINGS, 34 up to 50/+ ROSCAL CASINGS from 45 up to 165/+, in skeins or in units: standard format from 18 to 30 metres long in a salty skein. Calibres from 45/65 (+) OX CASINGS (Ciegos) from 95 to 130/+: salty piece in 95 to 130 mm calibres.



Sheep casings are the thinnest of all casings. They combine softness with enough strength to endure filling, boiling or steaming processes. They are the best option for the thinnest, most exclusive cold meats. Among the most popular, one can find longaniza sausages, Frankfurt Sausages, Red Sausages, Easter Sausages, Bockwurst and Nürnberg Sausages, among others.

The colour of these natural casings can vary depending on the origin, from shiny white to plain grey, even though this is not significant in terms of quality or strength, not even in their microbiologic features.

TUBED: standard 90-metre-long format, in a flexible tube, in 18 mm to 28 mm calibres; and A, B, C and mixed qualities. Optional adjustment to meet the clients’ needs.

SKEINS: standard 90-metre-long format, salty or in brine, in 18 mm to 28 mm calibres; and A, B, C and mixed qualities.

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